Florida Christian Church of God in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Weekly services are at 10:30 AM Sabbath (Saturday) mornings. Call or e-mail for location.

2018 Holy Day Schedule

Looking for a place to celebrate the annual Holy Days? Join us in sunny South Florida.

The 2018 Feast of Tabernacles is scheduled from the 25th of October* through the 31st of October.
The Last Great Day is scheduled for the 1st of November*.

The Holy Days are for our benefit and a time in which to rejoice. Services consist of: prayer, messages given by speakers using the Bible as their basis (both Old Testament and New Testament), singing praises to God in song, fellowship and, of course, feasting.

Thank you for visiting the site and may you be helped to know and do what God would have us do.

For more information, contact us.

* Starting at sundown the previous evening.